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The TRUTH about... The Royal Family

In the English language, the "British" royal family's name is often spelt; Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.  Their name is NOT originally "Windsor".  The real name of the "British" Royal Family, as it is spelt in the annals of German history (and also written into the membership lists of the NAZI party which were unearthed in 1945) is "Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha" which are names of their principalities in Germany.  One of their most important ancestral seats is Gotha, Germany - a place also important to the family of Duke Ernst Altenburg-Gotha...

The THIRD REICH plan of Eine Reich, Eine Fuhrer, Eine Volk - One Kingdom, One Leader & One People - is the bluprint for the present day EU Superstate

One of the most famous residents of Gotha (apart from the relatives of the British Royal Family) was Adam Weishaupt - a professor in Vatican law and co-founder/organiser of a secret society known most commonly as "the Bavarian Illuminati". What is Canon Law?  Well, it is the "law" which is peculiar to the nation state of Vatican City and has been invoked to protect the identity and secrets of cardinals and on rare occasions, popes.  The Vatican is like a palace and a microstate all rolled into one.  The palace of St Peter's operates no different to the palaces which are owned by the hundreds of noble families of Europe. 

A palace is an apparatus manned by brown-nosing lackies and yes men - people who I call the "Sir Peter" and "Sir Paul" network. 

A palace is the legal protective armour of it's owner - and thus when the odd rape, murder or even dead body is found on the premises, instead of the police being allowed to question one and all and search every nook and cranny, the palace sets up an “internal investigation" which invariably whitewashes the situation and limits the tentacles of democratic accountability and visibility for it's occupants. 

The Vatican is no different in this respect and it employs a large army of lawyers, bankers and estate managers.  Canon Law is a very peculiar and special brand of legal double-speak which has successfully protected the careers of pedophile priests for many centuries.  Canon Law, in short, is therefore the law of the Vatican and is what Adam Weishaupt specialised in. 

Adam Weishaupt became, perhaps unwittingly, the "face" and name most associated with the Bavarian Illuminati secret society.  In fact, every one of it's members used codenames - and Weishaupt sought to mask his own true identity to novice initiates by calling himself Spartacus (who legend recalls was the "king of the slaves").  Who was Weishaupt a slave to?  Read on...

It is a matter of recorded fact that the Bavarian Illuminati set out in the 1700s to use a model based on the strict secrecy of the Jesuits. It was a Jesuit called Ignatius Loyola who first coined the term "Illuminati" with his Alumbrados sect.  In a nutshell, Weishaupt's brand of illuminism took the following strategy;  members of existing secret societies, most commonly prominent members of influential masonic lodges - would be recruited to the "inner circle" of the Illuminati. 

They would swear allegiance to the Illuminati and from that moment on would in actual fact have their original Mother Lodge as a secondary concern with regards to loyalty.  However, the strategy was bolstered by a strict policy of membership which hand picked directly from the ranks of European Royalty.  Members of the Bavarian Illuminati would not be just any rank and file mason - the Bavarian Illuminati concentrated their efforts on recruiting Marquises, Earls, Dukes, Princes and, yes, even Kings.  It is obvious (though so far not cited as such in any book previously published on the history of this order, that the Bavarian Illuminati was indeed a Royal Cabal.  It was the epicentre of ritual, oaths of obedience and semi-political and semi-mystical philosophy with a smattering of glitterati such as authors and politicians who spiced the after-ritual dinners and rubbed shoulders with the royal members hand picked form the Sovereign Houses of Europe. 

Thus, the Bavarian Illuminati had spies and informers in all the grandest of grand masonic lodges on the continent.  Why do this?  Well, it is evident that there was an intent to bring a New World Order into being by the senior members of the order.  This ambition is a common thread in the various Illuminati documents which have come into the public domain.  It is not incorrect to say that many of the senior members were very much cultivating an ambition which 150 years later, Adolph Hitler would iterate as "Eine Reich, Eine Volk, Eine Fuerer!" - which means "One Kingdom, One People and One Leader" - in other words, the goal of many Illuminists was a superstate - a superstate ruled by the Bavarian Sovereign Houses.  As you can imagine, this superstate ideology was far from popular with competing factions - such as the Communists and Vatican.  By infiltrating, and therefore “illuminising” masonic bretheren across Europe, the Illuminati fettered a foothold and widened their sphere of influence with judges, priests, police, lawyers and government employees who are the traditional mainstay of masonic membership.

However, unlike the mundane “knife & fork” masons who make up the vast majority of benign members in lodges worldwide, some documents unearthed from Illuminati members suggest that a complete overhaul of the geopolitical - and religious - state was being planned by Illuminati members.  However, these ideas and policies were not the singular work of Adam Weishaupt.  I have to say now that Adam Weishaupt is NOT, as so many authors have cited, the be all and end all of the Bavarian Illuminati.  History tells us that the guiding light of the Bavarian Illuminati was a nobleman called Adolphe-Francois-Frederic Knigge.  Knigge was a Baron - and, as such, Weishaupt was the "oily rag" to the Baron who was the veritable "engineer" at the helm of the Illuminati.

It was Baron Knigge who kick started the recruitment process and attracted fellow aristocratic membership of the Illuminati - his experience of gentlemanly masonic protocol and manners utterly complemented Weishaupt's snide, Jesuit inspired legalise

Together, they would tiptoe through the meanies of the European aristocracy, sipping fine wines, wearing wigs and tight silk stockings, stroking the heads of maids and servant boys, elucidating and promoting their extra special, extra secret brand of Craft Freemasonry. 

Behind this social etiquette, boufon 1700s hairdos and the odd party where hashish was eaten, one can detect a sub-text secret agenda in the minds of the Illuminati superiors.  The masonic ritual, as such, was a form of facade, as documents seized from Illuminati members seem to suggest the formation of ground rules to completely and utterly achieve covert control of society were drawn up and discussed at Illuminati gatherings.    For some, the masonic ritual was just a side show. To Weishaupt and Knigge, Secrecy was not just a protocol - it was a weapon with which they sought to confuse their opponents and the general public about the true aims of the Illuminati. 

To the pink powder puff Dandies of 1700s European society, the spooky dark secrecy and "hardcore" version of masonry Weishaupt and the manicured Baron spoke about in hushed whispers whilst nibbling on lemon crackers sprinkled with specially imported spices must have seemed exquisitely taboo - a sort of super secret magical gentleman's club for the extremely wealthy and politically perverse of society.

The illuminati's rituals were devised, for the most part, by the experienced Freemason, Baron Adolphe-François-Frederic Knigge.   In fact, the fourth, fifth and sixth degree rituals of the Illuminati resemble the three degrees of grand lodge of England Freemasonry. Adolphe-François-Frederic Knigge’s system had ten degree rituals, with an eleventh degree ritual reserved for the head of the Order.  This ten/eleven degree ritual system was an important model which later was adopted by a new version of the Bavarian Illuminati called The Order of the Illuminati - a related secret society, which eventually transmuted into the Ordo Templi Orientiis... which, in turn, recruited Alesiter Crowley as the Outer Head of the OTO...

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